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In whatever context I work with I attempt to open up shared, investigative processes that are based on experimentation, gentleness, rigor and mutual respect. This often involves working with groups to respond to something, express opinions, share ideas, rethink situations or problems, by interacting with each other, through a combination of practical art making and discussion based activities.

I have facilitated workshops and residencies in a hospital, community centres, schools, mother and baby unit, arts centres, conferences and as part of public art project. Consultation projects include researching and writing a draft Learning and Participation Strategy for an Arts Centre in a University setting, engaging students in the design of their new school, consulting young disabled people and their families about the places they want and need and inviting families to research ideas for a gallery’s new café and heritage in a derelict stable block


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Art work by Joff Winterhart


This drawing was commissioned by Situations to document sessions I facilitated with a variety of community groups as part of Thinking of the Outsidea programme of publically sited works. Joff produced four pages of drawings for Claire Doherty's book Thinking of the Outside: New art and the City of Bristol (2005).

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