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In May 2015 ICIA opened The Edgea new art centre building within the Bath University Campus.

In Spring 2014 Lindsay Hughes, who was then in post as Creative Producer Visual Arts, invited me to research and write a draft five year learning and participation strategy and accompanying job description for a Learning Manager. Due to limited capacity and funding the strategy was never implemented. However I worked closely with ICIA staff and other University departments to challenge and question their notions of audiences, learning, participation and artist led work.

Key features of the strategy included an experimental artist led approach incorporating a series of long term artist residencies that would disrupt or intervene in the new arts centre learning programmes and spaces.The strategy and job description I produced aimed to create a framework for testing out new platforms or modes of interaction, mediation and interpretation and in turn engage its core audiences such as students and arts professionals whilst reaching out to more diverse audiences including schools, community groups and young people.


For further information about this work please Contact Me.


Learning and Participation Strategy

Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, Bath University, Bath, UK. 

(April – September 2014)

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