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Bumping the Bounds

Situations and Arnolfini

(March - July 2005)

Art work below by Joff Winterhart

These drawings were commissioned by Situations to document sessions I facilitated with a variety of community groups as part of Thinking of the Outside, a programme of publically sited works. Joff produced four pages of drawings for Claire Doherty's book Thinking of the Outside: New art and the City of Bristol (2005).

Thinking of the Outside was an exhibition of 6 new artists’ commissions sited along Bristol’s old city walls that question what it means to belong or to be excluded. Bumping the Bounds took place during Thinking of the Outside. I invited a range of community groups to encounter the new commissions whilst travelling around Bristol’s historic boundaries and reflecting on what a city can be.  Participants include individuals identified through Refugee Action and young mums. 

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