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What If....

Brampton Cortonwood Infant School, Persistence Works and Creative Partnerships BDR

(February - July 2005)

This project was supported by Creative Partnerships BDR and took place in Brampton Cortonwood Infant School near Rotherham and linked with Benedict Philip’s residency at Persistence Works, Sheffield.


Our aims were to support teachers in opening up creative thinking in the classroom whilst working experimentally across the curriculum. Together with two teachers and two placement artists I worked with a group of eleven Yr 1 children to transform the spare classroom into a garden through sculpture, sound and image.


Throughout the residency I worked with selected artworks from the articulate mobile resource space in order to stimulate critical discussion and practical activities. After the project finished I was invited back by the school and Creative Partnerships BDR to support the teachers in planning a more creative curriculum.

What if... was included as a case study in AUTONOMY?! Creative Thinking and Learning. This publication was published by in conjunction with Benedict Philip's residency by Yorkshire ArtSpace Society, ISB0-7287-1148-6.k

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Year 1 student curating a Phillyda Barlow artwork from the articulate collection in the school library.

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