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WEX (Work Experience)

Arnolfini, 2002 - 2007

A Guide to a Contemporary Arts Centre (2007), Thinking On Your Feet (2006), Earwigging (2004), Beyond Walls (2003), Perfect Timing and Viewfinder (2002) Arnolfini, Bristol


Between 2002 – 07 I worked closely with the Access and Education Department at Arnolfini to develop their approach to engaging young people who were requesting work experience. After inviting applications from students throughout the region we accepted10 – 15 participants per year to work as a team to develop a outcomes the institution published and used in a variety of ways. 

For more information please read a case study where I outline some of the project processes and identify questions WEX generates about participation and institutions.

Go to A Guide to A Contemporary Arts Centre, Earwigging and Perfect Timing.

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