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Producer, Liz Clarke and Company,

(January 2015 to March 2017)


Liz Clarke is a live artist and facilitator. I worked mainly with Cannonballista – a live art show featuring Liz Clarke's alter ego Betty Bruiser and eight participants from the local area that premiered at Trinity Community Arts in July 2015.


In the lead up to the show I worked closely with Liz and designer Liz Hickson to produce online marketing materials for Cannonballista and to initiate and maintain communication with a range of national producers and programmers. I was also responsible for communicating with the venue, managing the technical team, monitoring the budget, updating accounts, collating audience evaluation and writing an activity report for the Arts Council. Since the Premier I contributed to writing funding applications for touring Cannonballista and worked closely with Liz to develop an application in support of her own professional development.

At present I am working with Liz Clark and Company  in the role of Participant Liaison and Evaluation.



Production Manager           

Jo Bannon (January – March 2013)


Jo Bannon is an artist who makes live art and performance. In February 2013 she presented Deadline as part of Inbetween Time 2013. I worked closely with her to project manage this publically sited work which the artist describes as part installation and part theatre. My role was to maintain an over view of the installation across four rooms in an artist run project in the centre of Bristol, procure props, manage volunteers and assistants, liaise with a print company to ensure the print run of an accompanying publication met with the artists specifications alongside working to a budget and keeping financial records. This complex art work involved moving audience members one at a time through an installation comprising of four separate rooms over two floor levels as well as a live telephone link (managed by a technician). 




Tom Marshman, (April – May 2012)


Tom Marshman makes performance. He often involves participants in developing his performances and since 2010 he has been developing Move Over Darling. In order to remake this work for Luton, Tom invited gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people from there to share their oral histories and thoughts about a range of issues including their early experiences and other more abstract memories and associations. My role was to listen to Tom’s recorded interviews, identify and transcribe moments or sections of the interviews that Tom could incorporate as part of the script or a Sound Engineer could edit into the soundtrack for the show. Move Over Darling was performed in Luton May 2012.

Copy Cat

Nisha Duggal (January to April 2010)


Nisha Duggal is an artist working across media to explore freedom and creativity in the everyday. I worked with Nisha and both hearing and hearing impaired students when I was Participation and Outreach Coordinator at Arnolfini. Nisha and I collaborated with school staff and technicians to create a project structure, which enabled young people to work with Nisha during the development of a new interactive digital art work. 

The young people were invited to Arnolfini where they met Nisha and experimented with digital technology including the Max/MSP programming platform. Nisha encouraged participants to explore how the technology both recorded and affected their movements and interactions. This link takes to you Institute, a work that explores similar ideas. 


Nisha later presented Copycat, a final installation at Arnolfini, which the young people came back to experience. This project was programmed as part of a series of exhibitions and events related to the idea of Lingua Franca: looking at intermediary language, linguistic translation and the subjectivity of language.

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