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Getting Lost

Mixed media on paper

29.7 x 42.0cm

Made during Consultation Studio project at Four Dwellings High School.


Mixed media on paper

118.8 x 42.0cm


Compliments Slip


Detail from a collage reproduced as a compliment slip for the Collage Studio project at Royal Gloucesteshire Hospital.

Original collage 29.7 x 42.0cm.

Zine Cover

Cover for Ventilation Zine Issue 1

 29.7cm x 21cm.

Treasure Hunt


Mixed media on paper

 29.7cm x 42cm.

Made during Operation Treasure Hunt at Imperial Avenue Infant School

Take A Break

Mixed media on paper

 21cm x 29.7cm

Public Art Work Proposal

Mixed media on photograph

 Commissioned by Bristol City Council 1998


Four Dwellings

Farm Wallpaper

(Details and installation)

Mixed Media

 March 2007

Made during Consultation Studio

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