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Critical Friend

Inbetween Time Festival

(April 2020 - ongoing)

In 2021 poet Muneera Pilgrim will be resident in Easton, co-creating dialogue and new art with women living in the area. This project is produced by In Between Time and forms the third and final year of 'We Are Bristol ', a community engagement programme funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


Since April 2020 I have been working closely with In Between Time's to critically reflect on how the organisation is developing it's engaged work. From the outset Muneera identified a number of questions about her role in relation to participants, partner organisations and In Between Time, alongside how we define Bristol and community. In response to these provocations Muneera,Gaia Rosenberg Colorni (project evaluator) and I established a weekly Reading Group. We chose the following books that explored critical pedagogy, education and activism:

‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’, (Friere 1970)

‘Teaching to Transgress’, (hooks 1995)

'Pleasure Activism, The Politics of Feeling Good', (Brown 2019)


Together we are developing a theoretical frame which will support Muneera’s approach to working with participants and how this project might impact on In Between TIme's work longer term. I will publish a journal article reflecting on this work in early 2021. 

For more information about this work please follow this link to follow my blog. 

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